[Proposal] LetheanVPN - Security & Builder Team Help

It is a pleasure to find another community that puts user Security; first. We have met many bad actors since 2017, so we feel blessed to have found you.

Who is LetheanVPN

Lethean started as IntenseCoin in Aug 2017; we believe we are the first dVPN.
Commercially inspired development/direction stopped in 2019 due to internal and crypto winter factors; the old Team handed the project over to the Community.

In development dormancy until a chance meeting between the Community Leader Darbs and myself, in Oct 2020; Darbs added me to the Team without me really saying/suggesting I would.

After playing with the project issues, in May 2021, Lethean LTD was registered in the UK after I was unanimously voted in as the new Project Lead.

New Community

Lethean is run by community voice, I am entrusted to put into action the desires of our members and report directly to the Community; it is infrequent I act without prior approval from either the Custodian Trust or the Community Trust/[Clotho.eth DAO to be formed]

Some of our Team remain anonymous due to work; they can not disclose their hobbies or identities, which is why part of my role is to be a public face to talk to.

While private, we are a security project; some of the Team are currently employed as cyber security professionals, working in the non-profit/organisational spaces. Their hobby outside of work should not adversely affect their day job, a position I respect and support by waving my privacy (I read/review all code/config changes.)

Currently getting help from Somerset Bussiness Agency CIC (Business Start Up Somerset | Somerset Business Agency).
Converting Lethean LTD into Lethean Community Interest Company, allowing us to pursue a more aggressive form of charitable work that is more in line with Open Source.

I’m also registered disabled; I’m a visual thinker in the top percentile; Interfacing with the world is best done in text or code; I’m “above avg” in both areas.

When I say aggressive, I mean we legally won’t be allowed to run for profit, I will be banned from taking a Wage from the CIC as I will remain a voting member in our Community DAO & one of the 3 Project Custodians; with a legal requirement to reinvest into the project (including projects we partner with);

Our charitable side will start with 26% of our profit to Trees for the Future. They help remove human desperation from the land in 3rd world countries while planting trees.

Value to dAppNode

As Lethean’s Enterprise Architect, I have evaluated a few systems/projects; I understand the importance of shared goals and collaboration, so at all times, try to not reinvent the wheel.

Until dAppNode was recently brought to my attention from within our Community, the search was still on.

dAppNode is a perfect fit for our exit-node VPN system & Home users; Our VPN was dockerised last year.

Our Host agnostic zero dependency cross compiler gained Open Source Sponsorship from Docker Inc, lifting download limits on lthn/*.

CryptoNote Confidential Ledger technology can be used in Bussines/Organisations adjacent to dAppNode’s system. Enabling HIPPA/SOX organisation access to Web3, we feel CryptoNote is best placed for this use case. Security should be the same quality for Enterprise and Public, and should not cost.

CryptoNote, the project we forked from, NOT Monero, when used responsibly, can meet any Organisational requirements, with some configuration/development with custom private chain’s from Q2 2022, we will have a minimum of the following three features:

  • Optionally auditable, confidential wallets with a dedicated address prefix
  • Private naming with DNS integration ${alias}.lthn |${alias}.lt.hn (cheaper ENS, using HNS & DNS records)
  • POS with Secret Stake amounts for the new PoW/PoS hybrid mining

Suppose our proposal to the dAppNode Community is accepted. In that case, by side effect, we would become a project with a shared future and a vested interest in the growth of dAppNode, without monetary incentive as the motivator. It would enable us to scale the Team with local talent.

Our main offer is to help maintain & verify package security, leveraging our partnerships and Cyber Security resources, not generally in public hands.

We would also be acting as a steward for quality CryptoNote projects that share a; sensible development path and community choices.

We do not feel Monero uses the CryptoNote technology correctly; in fact, it’s my personal belief they are damaging the Technologies reputation. Firmly believing they incorrectly label the tech as private and untraceable; a view shared by the Original Developers of cryptonote.

It is undoubtedly Confidential, but Tor is Private, VPN’s are Confidential.

CryptoNote is not Private; by definition, under the current code implementation; A private key exists; it can only be “intended to be secret”, that is, Confidential, not private… “People act in Private using CryptoNote Confidentiality.”

That might sound nitpicky, it is not; verbiage and correct labelling are essential, especially for Blockchain regulation.

To end

We try to not create set in stone plans, preferring to talk in Code & Implementation; the actual day to day help from LetheanVPN would be dependent on what is needed; for the dAppNode Community;

We are offering to be a partner project, so what will get done is up to the collective Community.

Viva la Vida Blockchain

Thank you for reading. I hope we can work together as projects without borders, focused on public good over all else.

Lethean Project Lead


Yes, I remember the IntenseCoin project. It was a very beautiful and promising project. I lost about 0.5 BTC on it. And my friend, to whom I advised this, is also about 0.5 BTC. It still reminds me to this day :frowning:

You only lost if you sold; it still is a promising project, I recently joined/took-over; cant let the first dVPN die lol, but original people remain. the project almost did end but im a sucker for the hard route, lol.

Everyones tokens still on chain; even the lucky ones that got some of the seed tokens, to which i was not one.

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