Problems Installing Pocket Package


I’m trying to run the pocket dappnode package, and I have two problems.

  1. The package has drop down menus, and no matter what system I use, different computers, the drop downs don’t work. I’ve tried on several different macs and multiple computers. Usually this indicates a coding issue with the dropdown boxes. For some reason something is blocking the dropdown menu from appearing.

I can’t install the node without the dropdown boxes.

We’ve been trouble shooting this for a month and the team at Pocket tell me that the issue should have been fixed, but it’s still a problem. As shown in the screen shot below, the drop down menus aren’t showing a text box to enter text content.

Screen Shot 2020-09-16 at 9.38.35 PM

  1. The mainnet hash is not working. I get this error.

dappnode client, but got this error: Error downloading /ipfs/QmUiDQiPFgTZJJV8BqeVLTVRRUKDR9apexeA4PJYomuhyY release from IPFS: Error downloading /ipfs/QmUiDQiPFgTZJJV8BqeVLTVRRUKDR9apexeA4PJYomuhyY release from IPFS: Ipfs hash not available: QmUiDQiPFgTZJJV8BqeVLTVRRUKDR9apexeA4PJYomuhyY

I’ve been working through the pocket team on this, but I decided to come to the source, as this appears to be a Dapp Node admin panel issue.

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