Problem with web3signer after updating packages

I updated my packages and now I get this error message: is not available

Make sure you select an available client in the web3signer at packages > web3signer > config > Beacon Chain Consensus Layer Client

However, when I follow the path there is no option to select a client in the config section for web3signer. Could someone please tell me what I’m missing here? Thanks.

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Same problem…

I am also getting an error in the prysm client that it cannot determine if beacon chain is running.

time="2022-11-15 16:08:20" level=warning msg="Could not determine if beacon chain started" error="could not setup beacon chain ChainStart streaming client: rpc error: code = Unavailable desc = connection error: desc = "transport: Error while dialing dial tcp connect: no route to host": could not connect" prefix=validator

Hey, I just found a solution on Discord. Go to the “Stakers” section on your Dappnode menu and select your client there. Then it should sync up after a while.

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Thanks a ton!

Stuck on waiting for that to load -

did this take long for you?

No it didn’t take too long. Maybe exit out and try again?

one final update in case folks find this later. I did get the page to load. I needed to select the clients as mentioned, and then restart the prysm package after saving the settings.

seems to be syncing up again now and should b back online shortly :pray:


It is not working for me…
Dappnode demands Web3signer 0.1.4 version to work.
Latest version available on the store is 0.1.3

Is there a way to manually update web3signer package from github ? version 0.1.4 is available on github

I am unable to select an Execution Client.
I get an error

Validation error:
params|0].stakerConfig.executionClient.da should have required property 'size'

I’m facing the same issue. I added Prysm in the Stakers tab as suggested above. The beacon chain container keeps on crashing with the logs:

time="2022-11-18 13:36:51" level=error msg="error preparing to initialize genesis db state from local ssz files: error checking existence of ssz-encoded file /genesis.ssz for genesis state init: stat /genesis.ssz: no such file or directory" prefix=main

Setting the Checkpoint for fast sync in Prysm’s config tab sidestepped the genesis db state initialization. Hope this helps someone.