Problem using ethical metrics


I tried setting up the Ethical Metrics notification. Unfortunately, I didn’t receive any email confirmation (as I am supposed to receive according to the manual: “Upon registering, an email will be sent to your configured email address. If you don’t receive this email, please check your spam folder.”) Of course, I also checked the spam folder.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

Here are my Node’s details:

Core DAppNode Packages versions

  • 0.2.10
  • 0.2.87
  • 0.2.81, commit: 7bf8e6f5
  • 0.2.1
  • 0.2.22
  • 0.2.9
  • 0.1.3

System info

  • dockerComposeVersion: 2.24.1
  • dockerServerVersion: 20.10.24+dfsg1
  • dockerCliVersion: 20.10.24+dfsg1
  • os: debian
  • versionCodename: bookworm
  • architecture: amd64
  • kernel: 6.1.0-15-amd64
  • Disk usage: 33%

I have same issue - says it’s going to send you a test email but doesn’t

I never saw an answer to this - and still have same issue - anyone resolve this please?

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