Problem connecting to DappNode ETH RPC endpoint

I’m trying to open Ethereum RPC endpoint, I want to connect to an eth node externally, this is a non-validating node so I’m happy with the risk
GETH is synced and no errors, and connected to a consensus client, Normal Logs

I’ve exposed the URL under system/network/HTTPs Portal > expose Geth

I’ve port forwarded from my router 8545 to local IP of dappnode device

no matter what though, I can’t connect to the endpoint

  • trying with other node (that need L1 endpoint)
    This has been tested with nodes that require Ethereum L1 endpoints such as Arbitrum one, the configuration is fine on the side of the L2 node as it works with other endpoints but not connecting to dappnode.
  • with metamask,
    I can’t connect either
    Error: could not fetch chain ID. is your RPC URL correct

Is there anything else that needs to be done, here. I am at a loss of what else I can do

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