Problem booting raspi!

Hello dAppnode community!
I am trying to install dAppnode (version released 10/23) but im having some issues.
I have flashed my microSD with the .img file, when i boot i see that the raspi is booting, after that i just get a black screen. I have redone everything three times, ive even switched both PI and microSD.
Is this something you have encountered before? Any tips on how to proceed?

Hi @CryptoJanne, and welcome to our community!! :hugs:

At first sight I don’t really know what could be the problem, but I wonder if you are meeting all the requirements shown in the guide:

Minimum requirements

Raspberry model: 4, 3B+
Raspberry RAM: 8GB, 4GB
Micro SD free space: 8 or more
Connectivity to the Rpi

If you meet them, maybe something could not be working in the flashing process… I’d suggest you to flash it using other machine, or also flashing with different solutions (Rufus, instead of Pi Manager).

If none of this works… there is another way to make DAppNode run in you Pi (booting from USB / SSD)

Let us know how it goes!! :call_me_hand:

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