Preparation for Medalla

Right, I have

  • a new installation of DappNode running on my NUC (Unbutu +install from script).

  • mainchain Geth and GroeliGeth synced

  • Run though the and got GroeliETH, the staked

I know that the Medalla DappNode package is still being worked on (and may or may not be ready on the 4th).

I’m not sure I can set up without the Dappnode package (It may be possible, but unlikely to be within my comfort zone just yet).

Is there anything else I should do?
Run one of the older Eth2 test net packages?

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do you know who? i hope they did not get sick

Lanski said they were working on it: Package for Medalla ETH2.0 Multiclient Testnet

The fact of the matter is that Dappnode are a small, grant funded team.

They probably didn’t get much more notice of the details of the Medalla launchpad than we did (i.e. when they ran through the launchpad and saw that you need GroeliETH in your account before you get to the end of the launchpad - I get the impression this is different to the earlier test nets). Then they had to wait for the different codes to be released (Prysm was 1 or 2 days ago).

Medalla is a big deal, and I’m sure the DappNode team want to be ready for the start, but they also want to get it right. This means that the public package may not be released before genesis.

The fact is as end users, all we can do is wait until it is ready. The alternative is to do a manual installation along the lines of:

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I’m in the same position as you, NUC + Ubuntu + DappNode scripts - eagerly awaiting a Medalla client package :slight_smile:
Hoping we see something today otherwise I will switch to a manual install in the morning to be ready for genesis.

Welcome to the club.

Someone posted on Reddit that they were looking at a new Docker, then installing lighthouse alongside their DappNode

I may do the same, but given it took me a couple of days to get the full mainchaim Geth onto my Dappnode, I would suspect I would need to use a 3rd party mainchain to get it sorted.

I’m taking comfort on this:
We’re sprinting! (re @monsieurlegrand: will medalla package be released before genesis? otherwise i need to do manual install)

From here just over an hour ago.

i don’t remember Goerli taking that long…

i understand what you posted and getting it right is important. they have also received $250,000 USD which is much more in their local currencies. should they ask for more?

Froeli GETH is much quicker, but you need ETH mainnet GETH available. But Dappnode allows you to slect remote, light or full node http://my.dappnode/#/system/repository

It’s a question of time and resources. I’m running a lighthouse validator on the same hardware, and it was quite a challenge for me (and CLI newbie) to get sorted. The Dappnod team have to get it working, and package it in a way that less advanced users like me can use.

Both the lighthouse and prysm clients were updated about 2 hours before the genesis block. Those updates have to be incorporated and tested by the Dappnode team before they can be released.

I can see that Medalla package information is now on the github, but the link isn’t live yet. Things are moving.

At the moment, I’m planning to run my lighthouse validator on ubuntu for a while. Then when the Dappnode package is live, I’ll move my keys onto that. Then at some point I’ll reinstall my NUC using the new Dappnode ISO. But thats probably a few weeks away, let things settle down and wait for some new updates and user guides.

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