Port 30303 and 30304 not registering in UPnP list on router

Ports 30303 and 30304 wont show up in my UPnP NAT-T List. I’m running a validator on a separate network from geth on dappnode so I want to use the eth endpoint to connect. My node synced completely and the correct port is used on the endpoint http://:30303. I was able to do this for about 10 minutes. I then exited my beacon client to change up my graffiti in the config but when I went to start my validator again ports 30303 and 30304 aren’t showing up in my routers UPnP list. This is causing my validator to think that my eth1 node isn’t running. Any ideas? I’ve tried everything short of deleting geth and installing again.

I checked the logs and it does say New local node record with my static IP and port 30303. I checked everything on my router and cant seem to figure out why its doing this. My router is picking up the other ports just fine but for some reason it no longer likes 30303 and 30304. I even tried port forwarding those and it still does not cooperate. Any help is greatly appreciated, I do have another geth node I’m using but I would love to use dappnode instead.

My guess it is my router and not an issue with dappnode. Have a new one on the way and will update this post then.

It looks like that, routers provided by ISPs are not very reliable, no firmware updates, bad interfaces… My router won’t handle UPNP opening ports if I don’t previously set the DAppNode with a fixed internal IP, for instance :man_facepalming:

Let us know if the new router works fine and feel free to recommend it here if you find it as a good product too :+1:

Well sadly this router although better is still having the same issue.

Here is the issue restated -

So my setup is this. I have my validators on a different network so I have to connect via the eth1 endpoint. (works fine with my other geth node, so thats not the issue) So then on my router i have ports 1194 and 8092 forwarded and UPnP enabled. In my routers UPnP list i can see that port 32770 TCP and UDP and 32771 are open. 1194, 8092 are on there too. I do see that 4001 TCP and 4002 UDP are on there (I don’t remember reading about those 2 ports anywhere though) however no big deal. Now port 30303 is not on this list though, this is the issue because when I try to connect to my geth node via http://<my.static.ip>:30303 my validator tells me that the eth1 service is down.

I’ve tried to add 30303 manually but didn’t help. Geth is fully synced and I’ve checked my setup multiple times and its properly configured. My other geth node which is not dappnode works just fine so I know its not my beacon or validators. Again, I bought a new router but that did not solve this issue.

The strangest part is that I had it working in the beginning, port 30303 and 30304 were open and my beacon and validators where communicating with my dappnode geth install. It worked for about 5 to 10 minutes then stopped. The only thing I have not done is reinstall my dappnode and/or geth. This is absolute last resort but I think its the only thing that can be done at this point.

So i’ve completely reinstalled dappnode and synced geth completely. I tried to connect to the dappnode as an eth1 endpoint from another network again but still the eth1 service is down. When I check my router ports 30303 and 30304 are not in my NAT-T state list. Sadly at this point I’ve completely exhausted all options and am not sure why this doesn’t work. Is it just not possible to connected to geth from outside of the network? My geth logs show that ports 30303 TCP and UDP are active and I can see that port in the ports tab.

Yay! I figured it out.

So what needs to be done is go to port settings in GETH then assign host port to 30303 and package port to 8545. Once I did that it immediately starting working as an eth1 endpoint!

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