Poor score - Missing all slots

My validators on Mainnet has been activated around 2 hours ago.
They have 30 peers, beaconchain is active as normal.

For some reason they’re missing all slots.
Is this expected or not, and what should I do?

UPDATE: I just restarted Dappnode. most of validators started to attest slots, just one is still missing them.
I realised, that before the restart Validator log has stucked yesterday.
In first few minutes on validator log I was getting this error.

level=error msg=“Could not write websocket message” error="write tcp ##IP_AND_PORTNUMBER###->##IP_AND_PORTNUMBER###: write: broken pipe

But error later disappeared.

Thanks for updating your situation!
If it’s working now then it’s good - no need to touch something that works!
But if it starts missing attestations or the peer count drops, increasing the max peer count of your beacon chain has been reported to help in some cases:

For activating this you need to put the --p2p-max-peers=75 flag on EXTRA_OPTS of the Beacon Chain:

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Thank you @Lanski. :slight_smile: :+1:
As I can see, everything is still going fine, none of validators are missing now.
Sometimes Avg Inclusion Distance goes to 1.2 instead 1, but not always.
Also Grafana for some reason doesn’t show aggregations for one validator, but it may be to grafana, because that validator also works.

So I will not touch it now, if something happens, I’ll try your solution and will keep you posted. :slight_smile: