Polkadot staking

I would like to stake Polkadot.
Im not very familiar with this currency yet.
I can nominate a validator on https://polkadot.js.org/
But I would prefer to run my own polkadot validator while staking eth2.0
GitHub - branciard/DAppNodePackage-polkadot: DAppNode package for polkadot I came across this, but I don’t really understand if I can run my validator on the mainnet or only on kusama…

please share your opinion :slight_smile:


Hi @yoyop!
I haven’t personally used the package that you link. What you can do is show interest to the package developer to hopefully get a more detailed guide and the info you need to safely set it up. If there’s enough traction around the package we can financially support its maintenance through the #champion-process

This package is just a wrapper of the polkadot docker image as you can see : DAppNodePackage-polkadot/Dockerfile at master · branciard/DAppNodePackage-polkadot · GitHub
It is not design to do staking and validator operation off the shelf.
To operate a Polkadot validator with dappnode as root layer, we ( Luguslabs) use a more sophisticated toolling as explained here

( Since the previous blog post, sentry nodes are now deprecated and we use remote NGINX proxies)

Polkadot Validator, is complex to operate and there is risk of slashing. You have to deals carefully with sessions keys that are in the node keystore.

I do not recommend using our tooling if you are not aware of all the code and behavior behind and have a good DEVOPS experience.

Instead, the official secure setup is here :

You need also enough DOT or KSM or nominations to be in the validator list.

You may want to join KUSAMA validator program first to begin and receive some Web3 Fondation nomination for your bootsrap and reputation growth, to attract more nominators, Join Kusama’s Thousand Validators Programme


thanks for the detailed answer.
I will read carefully.