Pinning dynamic (IPNS) content on the dappnode

I would really like the ability dynamic content - e.g. to let different people pin the sourcify or ethereum-lists content in a decentralized way. Created this issue a while ago. Now with this post trying to point a spotlight on it - maybe someone picks it up or shares a workaround to do it in a way I am maybe not thinking about. Yea an ENS domain would also work - but this is quite expensive.

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Hi there!

Thank you so much for the suggestion. Actually, it was something discussed internally a few weeks ago, and it was decided to be taken into account and included in the mid-term. You could follow it on this issue

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Nice - thanks for the info & link! But I think the 2 issues are separate - the one I linked could even help the one from @dapplion so the packages can be pinned easily on other DappNodes.