[PANVALA] DAppNode Staking Pool 1st set of Grants

The DAppNode Staking Pool has spoken

Liquidity mining is cool, but philanthropy mining is cooler. Five communities have staked PAN tokens to earn donation matching from Panvala: @Meta_Cartel, @commonsstack, @DAppNode, @Dxdao_, and @HashingItOutPod. Their PAN donations are on track to be matched at up to 30x.
But, what if, instead of rewarding people for lending, we rewarded people to work on public goods and we gave them ANOTHER kind of internet magical money (PAN)?
• People receive PAN tokens for their work.
• People who want to fund public goods by doing buy and HODL these tokens - sustaining the price as well.

Now we just need to figure out how to decide what is a public good and needs to receive money. Who gets to decide?
As you may know from previous posts, DAppNode Has a Stakking pool, here is more info: [PANVALA] DAppnode Staking Pool

The DAppNode Staking pool is live and has participated on the 6th gitcoin grants round. As of one of the initial clusters of Panvala, the DAppNode staking pool is going to double match the amount of money philanthropers have donated to projects on Gitcoin.
As a staking cluster, we are entitled to a % of the Panvala token supply with which we decide where to allocate those goods. Since we can use the tokens to decide which projects will receive matching donations, we proposed to use these tokens to ensure DAppNode (a key project for the mantras Ethereum proposes) would be whitelisted to receive matching donations in PAN, but we can also whitelist other projects that have been doing great in decentralizing infrastructure or promoting it, for the benefit of the public goods, Ethereum. That’s why, thanks to the The DAppNode Panvala Staking pool, we are going to double match the PAN donations for these three projects:

  1. DAppNode
  2. Prysm by Primsatic Labs
  3. Rotki

But since, Panvala aims to work on Philanthropy mining instead of liquidity mining, they create the Panvala League Communities, where Dappnode Staking Pool has a say. That is, midlife of the gitcoin grants, according to the donation’s projects have received so far, the DAppNode Staking pool decided to maximize their philanthropic efforts and agreed to double match the donations of the following projects:

  1. Vodconi
  2. burner wallet 2/burner factory
  3. my dao dashboard
  4. The Gitcoin Open source Fund
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I’m copying this from the old thread to put some numbers into the equation and continue the conversation here. Thanks @alexvinyas for this recap!

You guys staked 463,398.69 PAN tokens, which is MINDBLOWING (that would be around 13k USD, but because there’s no liquid enough markets it would be really hard for someone to acquire so much PAN without drastically shifting the price)

Moreover, you donated 35,469 PAN to the projects supported by the DAppNode Panvala Cluster, through Gitcoin Grants…



… and thanks to that 35K PAN donation, the DAppNode-supported projects will receive a total of 170k $PAN (that’s a multiplier of 4.64x!), the distribution of which you can see in the table below:

Screenshot 2020-07-08 at 21.39.47

Big congrats to The Commons Stack, who managed to stake a shitload of PAN and donated bucketsfull of the stuff! (Next time we can organize ourselves better and get that shiet rollin’)


Would it motivate people if, since the amount of PAN DAppNode receives is more than the amount donated, we gave people back their donated PAN , so DAppNode keeps the surplus and they can decide to sell their PAN o repeat the process next time?

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