"Packages still propagating"

I installed the pyrmont package a few days ago and it was attesting no problem. When it stopped missing attestations, I check the dappstore for an update and I see there is no entry for Pyrmont. Then at the bottom of the dappstore, I see there is a button that says “Show packages still propagating”. When I click there, I see several packages that say below their name “Failed to download package from IPFS”, including Pyrmont.

I’m not sure how this is related to the missed attestations, but I couldn’t restart or update my pyrmont package to even do any trouble shooting through the dashboard.

i am seeing the same thing. i don’t know how to force package propogation or how to fetch the IPFS file by hash

they tell me i should update dappmanager. i will tell you if it works


EDIT: updating the dappnode manager has updated the packages. i can see prysim now.

unfortunately while installing prysm, i refreshed the page and now i can’t tell if it is installing or not

I have automatic updates turned on.

My dappmanager says it is version 0.2.36

Edit: I remembered that I turned on my router firewall recently. So I went to router settings and forwarded the IPFS ports to my dappnode address. I think this may have fixed it. I now have access to Pyrmont and Geth package updates.

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Was it finally fixed, @Accidentsignal?

Yes. I turned up the settings of my router firewall to “high” it couldn’t access geth and pyrmont packages. I turned the router firewall setting to “med” and forwarded the port for IPFS and it works.

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