Packages I would like to see in the dappstore

Here a list of dapps I would love to see in the dappstore:

Would love hints on maybe already existing work/packages/initiatives for these things.


About incubed, we actually considered integrating it as a way to make DAppNode lighter and also incentivized, but we went forward with the remote RPC because it was not ready enough for us to use it, dapplion has more details on that.

The rest of packages look very interesting. I can ask a friend about the account indexer later this week.

For the rest, building a package is quite easy to do with some basic docker skills and our tool: GitHub - dappnode/DAppNodeSDK: dappnodesdk is a tool to mantain dappnode packages. It helps to initialize and publish an Aragon Package Manager Repository so I suggest you to try it with a simple one :slight_smile:
You can add it to our public repo, check out the explorer:
DAppNode Explorer

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@vdo thanks for the insight! I would be most interested in the problems you stumbled into with incubed - hope @dapplion can speak to it. But there was also progress on this front - so maybe these problems are already solved.
That said - IMHO for DappNode starting with a client is the wrong approach. IMHO the node must come first - I think we need more IN3 nodes before adding more clients.

Sure at some point I will build these myself - but currently I should not start new projects but tie up some knots on existing ones. So my idea was to discuss things first and see what is already out there - maybe get others excited about it. But be sure if those will not exist once I tied up my knots - I will work on those. I actually think most of these things are pretty simple and not really a lot of work.

@ligi as @vdo said we are rooting for IN3 to be ready so bad! However, I did tests February 2020 and doing requests were too slow and unreliable. If I remember correctly certain contract calls just didn’t work, like ENS and there were a lot of networks or bad signature errors. Also, to load the DAppNode store one needs to do a lot of calls (50-100) so we have to see how the micropayment pricing works to make that worth it with the current architecture.

I also faced problems with ENS in the beginning - but AFAIK these issues are solved. So maybe just try again.
But as I said - I think it is more important supporting nodes before using IN3 as a client. And this might also also solve the problem with the micropayments. If all dappnodes are IN3 servers mabe there can be a way that payments are not even needed. Currently it is free anyway.

A list of projects that would be great to include:

Do we have statistics about the packages being run by the community? I think it would increase the projects owner to generate and mantain their packages! :smiley:

Hey! I’d like you guys to have a look at this post, particularly the 2nd part - how to manage the funds by creating a system of package champions and package developers that get rewarded.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this - we can probably kickstart the Champions with one or two of the packages you said:


I saw thin gem OpenDEX. A bridge between multiple blockchains in a layer 3.