Package for Medalla ETH2.0 Multiclient Testnet

is there going to be a package for Medalla? will there be one for Lighthouse, Nimbus and Teku, the other validators that are part of the genesis?

  1. Yup! There’s going to be a Medalla package
  2. We only have the Prysm package ready but we’re trying to finish off Lighthouse ASAP.
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Will this be available before the beginning of the testnet, which I believe is set for August 2nd?

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this may have been better to click Reply on Lanski. i will do that now

@Lanski, @Accidentsignal asked if it will be ready for Medalla genesis?

could we also get instructions how to use this prysm package with the files from the Launchpad? we already had to make deposits for genesis

thank you as always