Other lists of dappnode packages

are there DNPs that Dappnode team chose not to put in the dappstore? is there a list of them some where?

Take a look at our explorer:

Remember: some of these packages from the public repo are contributed by the community

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should there be another category in the forum to discuss packages in this list? what is Dappmanager DNP?

does Public mean in the dappstore? why is Geth “dnp” instead of “public”?

Good question: DNP are the ones published by DAppNode Team. Public are the ones published by anyone using our SDK.
That said… it’s not always like this as @Edu sometimes publishes under the public repository, and it could be the case that someone develops a package, we “turn it official” and publish it under the DNP repo.

i see
what is Dappmanager https://dappnode.github.io/explorer/#/repo/0x0c564ca7b948008fb324268d8baedaeb1bd47bce ?

It’s what makes DAppNode work! https://dappnode.github.io/DAppNodeDocs/architecture/

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