Off to a bad start

Hi guys, non technical user here and have been dreading getting dappnode up and running.

I am stuck on step “3. Set up the Access to the UI”. I have tried local proxy and wifi access but neither seem to work. I am getting messages in my browser that it isn’t secure and things like " my.dappnode’s DNS address could not be found. DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE"

Does anyone know how I fix this to get access?

Is their an official discord?


Wow. Really good tech support.

Sorry for the delayed question. Firstly, It would be required to know if you have installed dappnode in a machine or you bought a prebuilt, one you can try is to set up VPN to access.
If you installed dappnode via ISO or script, access to the cli by plugging a screen and a keyboard to the dappnode machine, access to the cli:
If you have bought a dappnode the credential are:
user: dappnode
password: dappnode.s0
But if you installed dappnode the credentials will be which you defined.
Once you are in, execute one of the next commands(to install a VPN app):

  • dappnode_wireguard
  • dappnode_openvpn
    You will see a QR, to do it in the easiest way, install the VPN app in mobile (at least to access the first time) scan the qr which appear , this will download a file, then use this file in one of this app. Now enable this VPN and access to http://my.dappnode/#/ .
    If you have some problem , i would recommend you to ask on discord channel because its very very more active than forum.
    discord: DAppNode

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