Nuc Rebooting Issue

I’m trying to run dappnode on a spare intel nuc (one that I didn’t purchase through the dappnode store) and I’m hitting an issue. You can see a photo of the error message I’m seeing upon booting up my device here:

I was wondering if anyone more linux-savvy could give me an idea of how to parse this error message? It seems there are two issues-- one that there’s some kind of firmware bug, and the other is that I can’t access the shell. But, to be frank, I have no idea what “firmware bug” means, let alone how to consider fixing the issue.

Note I had a similar thread @ Issue booting after power cycle 6 months ago that didn’t get resolved. My device has been running fine since then, but recently experienced a power surge so a reboot got triggered, which then caused this issue to crop up.

Thats a really weird error and seems like it is related to your host machine and has nothing to do with DAppNode.

Have you tried to do a reboot and see if that error continues?

If it continues there is something you can try. Seems like there is missing firmware on your host machined, you could verify that by executing the command:
sudo dmesg

There should be displayed in red the missing firmware, look for the full name in the internet and install such packages with:
sudo apt-get install ...
an example would be:
sudo apt-get install firmware-realtek

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Thanks for the response Mr. Pablo.

The terminal I was getting wouldn’t let me run any commands. Any time I’d press a key, I’d get the prompt you see repeated twice in my screenshot, cannot open access to console, the root account is locked.

For anyone who stumbles upon this thread with a similar issue, I was leaking too much ether so I ended up running my validator on an old laptop I had available. I’m going to punt on my nuc for now because I don’t want to deal with chrooting and learning linux. I’ll update this thread if I end up coming back to this.

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