No WIFI hotspot

Hello, received a DAppNodeAdvanced, plugged it into the router. Powered up but no WIFI hotspot is broadcasting so I can’t connect to it via WIFI. Any other way to proceed? I’m trying to connect to the DAppNode using a Windows 10 machine. Tried connecting using hidden network but not able to connect.

I have it working now. The DappNode team was super helpful in getting me up and running. I had to startup my dappnode after logging in to the system by using the command dappnode_start - I also had to run a source command just before that “source /usr/src/dappnode/DNCORE/.dappnode_profile”. Once that was done I was able to see the WIFI hotspot and then connect to it using the password “dappnode”.


Thanks a bunch for posting the solution here! Let’s hope it can help others!

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