Nimbus (and other packages) out of date and not syncing

My validators have been offline since the Deneb hard fork. Upon investigation I’ve noticed that the latest nimbus version is v24.2.1 while the one on my machine is still the v23.5.1. Upon further investigation I’ve noticed my Nethermind package hasn’t updated since July last year and in fact it seems nothing has been auto updated since since August at the latest.

Furthermore going into “dappstore” tab, the page will show an animation showing “losing dappnode packages” but it never actually loads them. It eventually times out at “getaddrinfo EAL_AGAIN

Opening the webinspector, the error in this page is

• Error on checkCoreUpdate: Error: dappGet could not resolve request
core.dp.dappnode.eth@*, error on aggregate stage: could not detect network (event=“noNetwork”, code=NETWORK_ERROR, version=providers/5.7.2)

Some system info:
Repository: ipfs, remote
Dappmamager: 0.2.72
Ipfs: 0.2.20
Not sure where to see the dappnode version itself. The hardware is a NUC.

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