Nethermind xDai package

I’ve loaded dappnode on new hardware and installed the Nethermind xDai package. The xDai instructions for becoming a validator client state: “Copy .env.example to .env and configure the .env file. Define the following settings.
1 ETHSTATS_ID=[validator_name]
2 ETHSTATS_CONTACT=[contact_email]
3 ETHSTATS_SECRET=[netstat_secret_key]
4 KEY=[your_private_key_for_mining_address]
5 SEQAPIKEY=[seq_api_key]”

I’m unable to locate a .env.example file when at the command line. In the dappnode Admin UI, at the Nethermind xDai package there are some environmental variables listed, but none appear to be the same as in the xDai candidate instructions for Nethermind. Can anyone offer guidance?