Nethermind pruning options

Hello - I have Nethermind setup as my EL and everything was working until my 2TB NUC SSD filled up. There seems to be guides on how pruning is done with custom validator boxes, but I don’t see anything related to DappNode specific setup. There are no flags in the config that indicate pruning options as indicated here:

Any help is appreciated.

Your best bet is to just delete nethermind and reinstall.

For one thing, they updated the database structure to be smaller, but you must start with an empty database to get it.

Second, the snap sync / fast sync will generally get you attesting within about 6 hours.

So delete the Nethermind package, then go to the stakers page and reinstall it.

This is helpful, thank you!
Without knowing if I’d ever hear back from anyone (and a bit of desperation), this is exactly what I did and it truncated ~700 GB of data. So, this is confirmation that your suggestion worked well and without a lot of downtime.

On a go-forward basis, what would you recommend? Just doing the same thing when the time comes, or is it auto-pruning without me knowing it?

I’m a little wishy-washy on that answer.

I’d probably just reinstall, since I’m not really familiar with their pruning or how long it takes, and whether it’s offline during pruning.

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