natRenewal - Ports not opened

I seem to be having a similar problem. I have a ip reservation for my dappnode and 1194/8092 port forwarding to the address. Dappnode webUI indicates ip address found and NAT is open but ports are not opening. I have geth syncing and was running testnet in this configuration so there doesn’t seem to be any problems.

The ports were opened at one time before a restart, so i’m unsure why they are not opening now. The dappnode UI does not recognize UPnP despite it being enabled on the router and with no addresses shown in the router UI.

Hi @berkie

I also happened to me at the very beginning, UPNP was active but the admin UI was telling me ports were not properly opened.

I was able to fix it by setting a permanent internal ip to the dappnode at the router settings, then the router started to be able to open ports dynamically with UPNP.

It may work for you too.

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