Multi-drive Support?

I didn’t realize how much space the eth1 blockchain would take up or how fast it would grow. Bought a 1TB drive for my NUC and it is ~38% full an filling quickly.

Any way to get dappnode to recognize my second ssd?


Hi @KomplexMojo

If you have ssh access to the system, have you already tried this guide?

Thanks for this. I must have missed this article in my searching. It seems from the article this is a shift of docker containers from one drive to another. My larger faster drive is my main drive, my slower (still SSD) smaller drive is my secondary. I’d like to be able to put certain things say the ETH1 chain on the secondary drive and keep other things like the beacon chain and validators on my primary drive. Is there a way to make another volume available to docker and move specific containers to it?

Hi @KomplexMojo

That’s right.

That’s something we’d like to have, but even though there is no easy or straightforward way to do it. I’m afraid it will remain unscheduled in our product roadmap possibly for some time.

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