Monero issue or not?

i see this on the log

“There were 0 blocks in the last 90 minutes, there might be large hash rate changes, or we might be partitioned, cut off from the Monero network or under attack, or your computer’s time is off. Or it could be just sheer bad luck.”

with synchronized ok !

is this a normal behavior for the monero blockchain ?
stuck on block “Synced #2210016” for days !

There is a problem with the package, we have to update the version. We will update it as soon as possible. Thank you for the report!

how long i will wait ?

cosmos doesn’t works

zcash doesn’t works

polkadot doesn’t works


Monero will be released soon (1 or 2 week), Polkadot/kusama We are working on it. I can’t tell you another thing, sorry.

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