Mitigating Risk Question - I have simulated power loss (server and internet) and automatic resumption

I understand that DAppNode should start all the packages for you, but is there a risk of slashing if your internet stops and restarts within the same epoch or within 1-2 epochs?

I’ve seen in several instances in various documentation to wait a few to several epochs before going live to reduce the risk of a slash (ex: when moving validator to a different machine, restoring from a back up, etc).

Is there the same risk of slashing if you’re simply running your validator routinely, you lose connection and return to active status within the same epoch or within 1-2 epochs, and does DAppNode restarting packages consider this risk?

To further prevent slashing when staking from home, wouldn’t it make sense to change internet settings so you don’t automatically reconnect if your internet goes down, rather you have to manually reconnect and then let DAppNode restart packages?

Ex: If your internet went down for only 2-3 minutes and your validator returned to an active state within the same epoch or within a couple epochs, isn’t there risk of slashing?

Wouldn’t it be better for your validator to stay inactive until you manually bring it back to an active state so you can ensure you reduced slashing risk by waiting several epochs?

Sure you’d pay minor penalties for being down, but couldn’t you look at that as paying insurance that you reduce your slashing risk (assuming there is a risk of returning too quickly durning normal / routine validation).

Thank you in advance for your feedback!

I’m still learning and trying to understand how to mitigate risks in testnet before going live on mainnet.

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Hi @nater98 ! Welcome to the forum :wave:

You have nothing to worry about, all clients including Prysm have a slashing protection database that guarantees that the same machine will never ever sign messages that contradict itself.

The advice that you talk about of waiting 1-2 epochs only applies when you migrate to a different machine AND you don’t migrate the slashing protection database.

So in the case you describe, the machine can reboot as many times as it wants as fast as it wants without any concern for slashing :+1:


Thank you so much for putting my mind at ease, and thank you for all the great work you do!

I couldn’t be any happier with DAppNode!

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