[Meta] What should DAppNode vote in Gnosis' GIP-35 (GNO Burn)


Author(s): Pol Lanski

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The GnosisDAO is having a vote on whether they should reduce the supply of the GNO token to 3M from 10M.

This vote aims to capture the sentiment of the DAppNode community and to vote accordingly in the GnosisDAO vote, given that there is a substantial overlap between the DAppNode and the Gnosis communities.


The DAppNode community is getting more and more involved with the Gnosis Chain community thanks to the Gnosis Chain Decentralized Validator Incentive Program and how easy it is to run a Gnosis Chain validator with DAppNode.

Every DAppNode purchaser has had the opportunity of getting 4 GNOs, and many community members who set up a DAppNode by themselves have also acquired validators, so it’s safe to say that a big part of the DAppNode community has a stake in the future of GnosisDAO and Gnosis Chain.

Currently, the DAppNode Association is sitting on 5617 GNOs that can be used to defend the interests of the DAppNodeDAO. We propose a meta-vote within the DAppNode community to use the voting power of these 5616 GNOs.

PLEASE NOTE that the association and the DAO are different entities and the association has no legal obligation towards the DAO. In this case the Association has decided to consult with the DAO, without any assurance or expectation to continue doing so in the future, although if it works well I see no reason not to do it again.

Please see the GIP-35 discussion here: GIP-35: The target total supply should be 3M GNO?

And the snapshot vote here: Snapshot

Arguments for voting yes (from GIP-35):

  • Clear rules for GNO economics will attract new investors: Greatly reduced uncertainties about future emissions impacting the secondary market and potential execution risks
  • Empower current GNO token holders and multiply the representation of new GNO community members: Increase more than 3X the ownership and voting power
  • Gnosis 2.0 as the future of decentralised teams: Given the current vision of future rewards for GNO token holders with project tokens, the need for new GNO is reduced.


  • Increase the objective share of DAppNode users in the governance of Gnosis, a project that’s demonstrated that is aligned with the values of decentralisation
  • Increase the objective share of the DAppNode Association in Gnosis


  • None identified so far for the DAppNodeDAO, but we have little time to react.

Since the GnosisDAO snapshot vote ends the 3rd of May, we should aim to the snapshot closed by the 2nd of May. I will create a Snapshot to allow people that already have a formed opinion to vote, but discussion is open here to exchange opinions if necessary.

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The vote has passed with a FOR decision! Snapshot

We have voted in the GIP-35 and it also has passed! Snapshot

Congratulations, Node Runners, we now have more security on what to expect with GNO supply, a token that a significant portion of the community holds.

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