Lost port mapping

The (custom) port mapping of the geth geth node inside a DappNode disappeared. Anyone knows what could have gone wrong there?

Do you have any idea @dapplion? We didn’t update the package recently, so there should be no reason for a change on a custom port.

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When it dissapeared had you done a CORE update, a Geth update or some other major action? Maybe the update happen automatically, you can check System > Auto-updates for logs of the last triggered auto-update.

Also, could you paste here your DAppNode package versions?

No - there was no major action. Have not touched the DappNode for a while and it was just working. But then I got told that the geth node is not available from the outside anymore and tracked it down to the missing port.mapping.



The only thing that was special: the node was some days behind in this time. Tracked it down and stopping swarm seems to have solved it (not sure why yet though)

Could you share a screen capture of the “Port Mappings” section of the Geth DNP?


and the last one was gone

When it was gone could you test if the port 18545 was actually mapped to the Geth JSON RPC? If it happens again please do that test to know if it’s just a UI issue of if the mapping actually got removed

No the mapping was removed - that’s how I recognized it (or actually got pinged that it stopped working)