Light client : Syncing

I have problem after moving from Geth full node to Light client

Loaded most recent local header : number=0 hash=“d4e567…cb8fa3” td=17179869184 age=51y8mo1w
What is this ?!

I try remove Geth volumes and package and reinstalled several times
No thing happen in light SYNCMODE
EXTRA_OPTS: --rpcapi eth,net,web3,txpool --nousb

Core DAppNode Packages versions

  • 0.2.14
  • 0.2.37, commit: 2b96e582
  • 0.2.41
  • 0.2.5
  • 0.2.7, commit: 12ae223f
  • 0.2.6

System info

  • docker version: Docker version 18.09.8-ce, build 0dd43dd87fd530113bf44c9bba9ad8b20ce4637f
  • docker compose version: docker-compose version 1.25.5, build unknown
  • platform: linux, x64, 5.9.0-4-amd64
  • Disk usage: 7945689498

Hi @EthZed and welcome to our community forum!

I’m afraid I’m not sure if that’s a problem. Note that the log is not showing any Warning or Error tag - it may just need some time to finish syncing. What does the main dashboard say? does it looked like this?

Installation and syncing Goerli-Geth took five hours
nothing happened during this time in Geth (light mode)
but it seems to work Geth by fast SYNCMODE!
Could this be a problem after moving several times between local nodes in repository ?

Maybe, but not sure. It seems Geth have not even been able to start syncing so I would do the following:

  1. Remove Geth package
  2. Go to http://my.dappnode/#/system/info an make sure there are no remaining volumes from Geth or remove them if any.
  3. Go to http://my.dappnode/#/system/repository and set Light Mode again with ‘use remote…’ switch set to enabled.

GETH Version: 0.1.10 (v1.9.22 upstream) worked
by v0.1.11 and v0.1.12 does not start syncing !

Thanks for reporting the versions. It’s the first time we come across that behavior but we’ll keep an eye in case it happens again.

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