Stakedrop - staking KEEP/ETH

Dear community,

I’m sure some of us have already heard about tBTC and the
Would someone be interested in integrating the ECDSA node on the DappNode OS? I think the ability to run a node for the would be a nice addition to DappNode.
It’s still in early stages, but staking on main net will start on 8th of July. You can already run a node on ropsten and test it out. In the beginning you can stake ETH and earn the KEEP token (stakedrop), in future you will require both tokens to run a node.
More information here:

Let’s discuss.


yes! very much interested on running keep

I installed keep but I’m dealing with an error.

it would be so convenient if we had it as a dappnode package.

I think this is a worthy project. I’d be happy to pay a bounty to someone to build the package and maintain it.

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So there are 2 clients you can run, the random beacon and the ecdsa node. The ecdsa node is the one you would run to participate in tBTC.

I have implemented DNPs for both (ropsten only ATM)

ropsten random-beacon:
ropsten ecdsa:

I plan to implement the mainnet versions shortly after they do their mainnet release


That’s amazing! Thanks a lot for your efforts. Will try it out on ropsten and hopefully stake on mainnet soon.

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thanks! yeah let me know if you have any issues running it. The keep discord is also very helpful for general help in terms of getting started running a node

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I would love to run keep :slight_smile: