Issues with Bandwidth / Slow internet when Node is running

Hi All! I apologize if this isn’t the place to come for this issue.

So I’ve got my node set up, and was running for a few days without an issue. But now my home internet bandwidth is completely bogged when the node is running. Has anyone experienced this?

Setup: Nuc8 i5, 2TB, 32gRam - Running Dappnode with a single medalla validator

I’ve had the node offline for the last 2/3 days so I can work, and now I’m back to trying to troubleshoot why its such a bog on my bandwidth. I can’t tell if I’m being throttled, or if I am just doing something wrong with my node settings.

My internet speeds at home are 300Mb down, 30Mb up and 1.25Tb data. Is this sufficient upload speed? My node is hardwired to the router.

Any suggestions for how to get back online and up and running again? How do I keep a node running in the background without hogging all my wifi?

thanks :slight_smile:


I have reduced bandwidth for dappnode for 15 Mb up/down and it seems it works fine.Try to put some limitations for your instance…

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