Issue with Machine stats

Hello. I have installed dappnode and have a issue where my CPU runs at 100% and Memory usage is 98%, my fan is running at full speed.

My machine: Intel NUC i7 8th gen, 32gb RAM, 512gb m2SSD

Packages running:

Dappnode Exporter, DMS, Geth, Goerli Geth, Prysm Onyx Beacon Chain, Prysm Onyx Validator, Tornado Cash Realyer

Is that to much for my machine to handle? I hoped this would do just fine, and to just update to a bigger SSD later on would suffice. Anyone know what i can do ?

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You should be super fine with this machine.
Could you check in DMS which is the package using the most CPU and Memory?

it is : wich is using 93,79% of CPU now, ( average is 11,86% )

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Have you restarted the Geth package?

Hello, brief update:

I did a few full shutdowns and resyncs but eventually i stopped all other applications other than Geth and DMS, and have just been running the Geth node for a few days now.

It is average 15% cpu usage so all seems fine, and no spikes over 24%.

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Other users seem to report that the Onyx Beacon Chain was causing this to happen. I haven’t been able to reproduce it myself, but seems the most likely reason!
It’s strange that the DMS marked Geth as the culprit though…
@Edu, any thoughts on that?