Issue with Geth not gracefully shutting down from dappnode

Hello all,
I’m running the pause function to shutdown geth from http://my.dappnode. The client is fully synced. Looking at the logs, I don’t get all the messages about successful shutdown. After starting geth from the same menu. I get this error and it starts resyncing from two days ago.

Loaded most recent local header number=111309107 … age=1m11s
Loaded most recent local full block number=11130910 … age=1m11s
Loaded most recent local fast block number=11130910 … age=1m11s
Head state missing, repairing
Loaded most recent local header number=11130910 … age=1m36s
Loaded most recent local full block number=11115787 … age=2d7h52m
Loaded most recent local fast block number=11130910 … age=1m36s

Looking through github geth issues, others suggest 30 to 60 seconds for a timeout with docker. The “packages/dappmanager/src/calls/packageStartStop.ts” timeout is set to 10 seconds. Would it make sense to increase that to cover the extended time needed to gracefully shutdown geth?

Core DAppNode Packages versions

  • 0.2.35, commit: cbd7cbcf
  • 0.2.6
  • 0.2.7, commit: 12ae223f
  • 0.2.11
  • 0.2.4
  • 0.2.39

System info

  • docker version: Docker version 18.09.8-ce, build 0dd43dd87fd530113bf44c9bba9ad8b20ce4637f
  • docker compose version: docker-compose version 1.25.5, build unknown
  • platform: linux, x64, 5.8.0-2-amd64
  • Disk usage: 43%
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Hi @dylan, and welcome to our community forum!

Let’s see @dapplion 's opinion on this suggestion

Hi @dylan, it seems we are already working on it. Keep an eye on this issue if you want to be kept posted or collaborate

Great news. Thanks for the update.
For those wanting an interim solution.
If you login to the dappnode box via terminal or SSH.
“docker ps” to get container ID for Geth.
Then" docker stop -t 60 ID"


That’s a great contrubution Dylan, so I’ll recap:

And set this post as the solution!! :tada:

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