Issue: Connecting metamask to dappnode

Metamask doesn’t let me connect to my dappnod because some Chain ID issue, i guess ishoudl add 1 or 0x1.

Any fix for that?


same issue if I try with 0x1

The same problem for me …

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Hi @snoopyfan and @Raito00, and welcome to our Community Forum!! :muscle: :star2:

We have been looking into it internally and we have found there is a BUG, and http://fullnode.dappnode:8545 it’s not currently working. We are already working to fix it (related issue here).

Meanwhile, as a workaround you can use an alternative RPC endpoint depending on your preferred client. For instance if you are using Geth, you should use http://geth.dappnode:8545 instead.

The issue was fixed in DAppManager v0.2.36, released days ago.

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