Issue connecting Eth2stats Client to Altona Beacon chain

I have installed the following three packages:

Prysm Altona Beacon Chain
Prysm Altona Validator
Eth2stats Client

I have the Altona Beacon chain up and running and am successfully running as a validator.

However, I can’t get the Eth2stats Client to connect to my Dappnode beacon chain. Logs show the following errors:

time="2020-07-22T16:18:31Z" level=error msg="[metrics-watcher] [Get http://prysm-beacon-chain.public.dappnode:8080/metrics: dial tcp: lookup prysm-beacon-chain.public.dappnode on no such host]"
time="2020-07-22T16:18:31Z" level=error msg="[metrics-watcher] failed to poll metrics: Get http://prysm-beacon-chain.public.dappnode:8080/metrics: dial tcp: lookup prysm-beacon-chain.public.dappnode on no such host"

I also tried setting eth2stats config to prysm-altona-beacon-chain.public.dappnode:8080/metrics with no luck.

Any ideas on what I’m missing here?


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Looks like these are the correct Config settings for Eth2stats package for Altona Beacon Chain

BEACON_ADDR prysm-altona-beacon-chain.dappnode:4000
BEACON_METRICS http://prysm-altona-beacon-chain.dappnode:8080/metrics

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As it turns out, even with the updated config variables above that seemingly allowed me to successfully connect as an eth2stats client, my validator still wouldn’t show up on

To get it working I ended up removing the dappnode eth2stats Dappnode package, manually generating my config using the eth2stats generator from site, and running this command from my Dappnode:

docker run -d --restart always --network="dncore_network" \
--name eth2stats-client \
-v ~/.eth2stats/data:/data \
alethio/eth2stats-client:latest run \
--eth2stats.node-name="WolfDeFi" \
--data.folder="/data" \
--eth2stats.addr="" --eth2stats.tls=true \
--beacon.type="prysm" \
--beacon.addr="" \

Hopefully that’s helpful to someone else :slight_smile:

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BEACON_ADDR prysm-altona-beacon-chain.dappnode:4000
BEACON_METRICS http://prysm-altona-beacon-chain.dappnode:8080/metrics

got it working for me, but is still being reported to instead of because the container runs with instead of


I am guessing the same thing will happen for Medalla - @wolfdefi, did you make it work with a similar command?

Yeah, I got it working by running the script that @wolfdefi posted directly on the DAppNode host. Just changed any reference to “altona” to “medalla” (and changed the display name of course).

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