Issue booting after power cycle

After installing my Dappnode on my Intel Skull Canyon Nuc via USB, it was running along fine. I even tried rebooting once via the admin UI and it worked great. But now I’m hitting an issue where when hard-reset it (ie. unplug the power suddenly or hold down the power button until it turns off) it gets stuck in emergency mode, unable to enter any commands or access the admin UI.

I see threads online of people having similar issues with linux distros and fixing it by live-booting to a usb-drive and chrooting and remounting the offending disk partition. But the whole reason I wanted to use Dappnode was convenience and ease of use. I ended up totally reinstalling Dappnode from scratch on the device and taking care to only turn it off from the admin UI.

Dealing with foreign error messages or having to worry about the power not going out is super deterring. Are there any efforts to fix bugs like this on this project? Is there an easy resolution that I missed to my issue? My Dappnode is now running fine, but if my power goes out it’ll once again be borked and I’ll have to either jump through chrooting-hoops or something similar.

Hi @sinasabet81 and welcome to our community forum!!

We have check our shop’s back-end and we have not been able to find your purchase order. Did you get your NUC from our Shop?

If that’s the case, we would appreciate if you send me a MD with the serial number.

In addition, we would also like to know what DAppNode ISO version did you use to install the software.

Thanks for the reply @ruvenni!

The NUC wasn’t purchased from your shop, this is a NUC I’ve had laying around for a long time. I updated the bios if that makes any difference.

I used the current “latest” release ISO on the Releases page on Github-- DAppNode-0.2.39-debian-bullseye-amd64.iso.

Some artifacts from my attempts to fix the error:

The main error that shows up when I plug the screen in is this:

firmware: failed to load i915/skl_dmc_ver1_27.bin

Then I get put into an emergency shell and it says something along the lines of “cannot access root”. When I press enter, it loops and gives me the same prompt, basically stuck because root is locked but also not letting me unlock root. Here are a link demonstrating this behavior: 1

As I said in my OP, I now have it running alright, but I’m still worried that if the power goes out my device will be effectively bricked (barring me jumping through some hoops to boot to a live USB and fix things via a chroot).

Let me know if there’s any way I can provide additional debug info about my specific hardware or software versions that may be helpful.

It seems to me this is something depending on Debian firmware libraries. Have you been able to make some research on it?

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