Invalid paths on DappNode for Raspberry PI 4

I was able to install my DappNode on a Raspberry 4 with 8gb
I can connect to the Wifi and then to the panel, however, when trying to make any changes (install packages, change WifiPass, etc) it throws errors.
I noticed that the errors are because the docker compose and docker run commands try to execute scripts that are on a path that does not exist: docker-compose -f /usr/src/app/DNCORE/docker-compose-core.yml
(This is my first post so I can only embbed 1 image)

However, I navigated to that path and it doesn’t exists, but, while navigating there, I did notice that all of that lives under /usr/src/dappnode/DNCORE/

I’m not sure if I should be moving that folder to /usr/src/app/ or modifying the scripts, but definitely, Dappnode is pointing to the wrong path.

Any Ideas? What is DNCORE and why does it live on a different path?