Internxt Core on DAppNode


I am trying to install the Internxt Core package and it seems it works, but I have some problems.

  • The port 45555 is not reachable from outside and I have forwaded all ports in my router.
  • When I update the package variables, it seems it does not have effect on the package.

The Internxt Core package is not currently listed on the DAppStore, so I guess I am the only one running it… and I am neither the developer.


Any tips? Thanks!

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I suggest creating an issue here:

It is possible that it has something to be with my architecture. I have Orange as my ISP with their shitty router and I also has a properly router behind that, where the DAppNode is connected.

All ports are properly NATed in both routers and even I changed the Orange router firewall to the lower level and the Internxt Core port exposed is reachable in the LAN, but not through the Internet, so if a community member can test it, would be very valuable, becase I guess is something with my ISP.

Could a community member install and run the Package to check if it works correctly?

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I installed it some time ago but it wasn’t working :slightly_frowning_face:
Just reinstalled it - maybe we can give some feedback to the team and give it another push.

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Great @Lanski! Thanks so much! I’ll share this post with Internxt Team! I was afraid it could be about my network architecture and my ISP… Knowing that it does not work for you is a valuable input :smiley:

My network:
ISP Router - Properly Router - DAppNode.

Network configuration:

  • Internxt Port nated from ISP Router to Properly Router.
  • Internxt Port nated from Properly Router to DAppNode.


  • Internxt Port is not reachable from the Internet.
  • Internxt Port is reachable from the lan where the DAppNode is.

I just fixed the problem modifying the docker-compose.yml this way, but properly line salted:

networks: dncore_network: external: name: dncore_network

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Nice! it would be great is they added that!

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Yeah! I already contacted them! In a few days they are going to release it :ok_hand:

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