Internet Connection Issues Turn into Error Loop

Every so often my ethernet connection cuts out momentarily and results in my validator entering an error loop and stops attesting. Although the connection comes back shortly afterwards, the validator stays stuck in the loop and does not begin attesting again. The only solution is for me to reboot and things go back to normal but this is extremely inconvenient.

I have updated to the latest Prysm package but I am still having this issue. Is there a specific setting I need to have it automatically start validating when the connection comes back?

FYI - I am using a NUC with Dappnode installed.

Could you paste here the logs of your validator (packages > prysm > logs) so I can have a better understanding of what’s going on?

There will be a new release for Prysm in the next few days that might solve your issue.

Also, make sure your IPFS package is set in low power mode (packages > system packages > ipfs > config), this might fix your interet outages.

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