Intel NUC 12th Gen lost wifi issue - is there any new developments?

After investigating Solo Eth staking I went out and bought an Intel NUC i7 12th Gen and added 32Gb of RAM and a Samsung 2TB NVMe. I installed Ubuntu v23.04 and followed Dappnode instructions to update/upgrade Ubuntu etc. I then intsalled Dappnode, and when this finalised the wifi connection option on the NUC disappeared. Wired was the only available option. I could not get it back on. I have since:

  • reinstalled v 23.04, and installed v22.04.22 x 2 times aswell (both Sscript and ISO). These had the same issue.
  • installed Linux Mint, but this had the same issue
  • researched on Google/this forum, and installed DAppNode-v0.2.73-debian-bullseye-amd64-unattended.iso, which supposedly resolved the wifi issue for NUC 12th Gen wifi. But for me I got lots of installation errors, and it would not run.
    I have found a post on this forum ("Intel Nuc 12th Gen No Ethernet Card error - ISO support) dated from Nov 2022, which suggested a solution was imminent. However I have found no more recent posts about it.
    Do you know if there has been a working solution to this NUC 12th gen wifi issue? Many thanks.

I now seem to have a working Dappnode on my NUC12. I reattempted to install Ubuntu Server, and this worked well. I then installed Dappnode and this time I had no wifi issues. So now I can log into the dappnode via wifi at least.
I am still keen to try with a GUI Ubuntu version, so I will keep a lookout for any updates on this.

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