Installing dappnode -Laptop with Intel wifi 6 AX200 chipset

Hello from Canada everyone.

I just bought a new laptop to setup my Dappnode on. It has the Intel wifi 6 AX200 chipset. When I try to install dappnode it doesn’t recognize it and I am at a loss on how to connect my laptop to the internet without that. I don’t have a way to connect to ethernet directly unfortunately. I think the trick is to install the correct driver but I am struggling to figure out how.

The best answer I’ve found so far is to wait for Dappnode to update to linux kernel 5.1 or higher. Will that happen anytime soon?

Any suggestions will be appreciated. Cheers.

Hi @jondasnow and welcome to our community forum!!!

It looks like someone in the community have already found a way to solve this.

Quoting his solution:

The Debian installer prompted me to provide the firmware files and I found this package (Debian -- Details of package firmware-iwlwifi in sid )that contained the right ones. Just installed dappnode via the CLI and everything works now.

Let us know if this helps! :wink:

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