Install on a VM?

is it possible now or in the future, to install dappnode on a VM?

Yes it is possible, I installed dappnode successfully in a local VirtualBox machine, with some caveats:

  • You need a bridged network interface so you can connect to the VPN .

  • Yo need to add port mappings to access it both via SSH and OpenVPN (22 TCP and 1194 UDP), then modify the .ovpn file to connect to the local IP.

In the future we want to make it easier to access UI without having to go through OpenVPN, so this would make things easier.

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I run dappnode in esxi VM without major problems (I keep fine tuning number of cores and RAM). Additionally I also created VPN (for dappnode_connect), access interface which is accessible only from trusted subnets; plus my local dns forwards queries with dappnode domain over that VPN interface. Thus once I’m connected to my trusted subnet physically or over my own vpn server, I can access dappnode…