Install DappNode with Raid 0 SSD in Bios

Just sharing a small snag when setting up a DappNode with this configuration.
It is working fine for me and really made an older P55 chipset with i5 CPU pick up some disk speed.

So I setup the Raid 0 array in the bios and proceeded to run the install off the USB. All ran smooth until I hit the install grub bootloader step. In the menu it finds the actual drives but not the RAID partition.

So I noticed in the prior steps the RAID partition was /dev/mp126 remember that.

Then choose manual setup with will prompt you with /dev/mp add whatever your system call your raid partition and grub should install fine. If you get it wrong grub install will fail.

Hope this helps someone.



Hi rbrogan! And welcome to our community :wink:

Thanks a lot for trying this and sharing it to the community. It’s nice to know it will help someone to have better fun with the DAppNode, yeah! :partying_face:

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