Increasing version number after a release

lifting this out of bump ethereum/go-ethereum to v1.10.7 by github-actions · Pull Request #24 · dappnode/DAppNodePackage-geth · GitHub</tit for more visibility and better discussion.

I had the situation that I needed geth 1.10.7 so I installed it from the PR
But the dappnode saw this as an older package and was downgrading it all the time
Suggested change:
after releasing increase the version number so this does not happen anymore. Maybe even follow the linux versioning with even/odd numbers so you can distinguish stable/unstable

Nice catch! It is marked as an older package because:

  • It was not published yet on the blockchain
  • The version in the manifest (dappnode_package.json) was not updated. This is something that happens usually since it is a human error and dappnode team is reviewing the CI/CD to fix this issue. This version is upgraded automatically when publishing on blockchain but it should be upgraded in the manifest manually by the developer (patch, minor major)

Also in the near future the double versioning (dappnode and upstream versions) may disappear so there will exist only the upstream version. This would simplify a lot the versioning in dappnode

A few notes:

  • IPFS hashes from PRs are exclusively for testing purposes. If you still want to use them, make sure to cancel the auto-update for the package so it keeps on that version

if the double versioning disappears this would be great! Is there anything to read up on there? Just wondering how you deal with changes to the package for the same version of the upstream package.
I think it could really make sense to have a testing track here - maybe this can be kept in mind when making the changes to the package manager that are planned.
Would rather not disable auto-updates - would forget about it - I would like the other versioning more tbh.