I can only access my DAppNode when connected to my local network

I would like to have remote access to my node when I’m not home, but currently I can’t connect over VPN form anywhere else.

What could be the issue?

Would be nice to have some more info. Did you download the .ovpn file and open it with a compatible openvpn client?

here is the instructions: https://github.com/dappnode/DAppNode/wiki/OpenVPN-Client-Guide

Yes, I downloaded the .ovpn file to access my DAppNode both from a laptop and from a phone. Works correctly in both cases when connected to the same network the DAppNode is connected to. I followed DAppNode’s wiki and everything.

With the phone I tried accessing via 4G and it never connects. Haven’t had a chance to try it from my laptop on another place.

Is there more info that I can provide?

If you’re using a Mac, look in your network settings. Sometimes the DNS is using an address that does not correspond to your node’s.

I’m trying to connect from an Android phone, which is fine on WiFi but not on 4G.