I can not update my DappNode, 2 days from Dencun upgrade. HELP

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Core DAppNode Packages versions

  • bind.dnp.dappnode.eth: 0.2.6
  • core.dnp.dappnode.eth: 0.2.76
  • dappmanager.dnp.dappnode.eth: 0.2.71, commit: 05d52e40
  • https.dnp.dappnode.eth: 0.2.1
  • ipfs.dnp.dappnode.eth: 0.2.19
  • wifi.dnp.dappnode.eth: 0.2.8
  • wireguard.dnp.dappnode.eth: 0.1.2

System info

  • dockerComposeVersion: 1.25.0
  • dockerServerVersion: 20.10.5+dfsg1
  • dockerCliVersion: 20.10.5+dfsg1
  • os: debian
  • versionCodename: bullseye
  • architecture: amd64
  • kernel: 5.10.0-18-amd64
  • Disk usage: 50%

I assumed auto update was working
My Ipfs package i think is the issue.
Having so much trouble, afraid im about to lose it all after the upgrade

I switched the Ipfs repository to remote from local but I still can not update anything or connect in the update tab

Ipfs package is restarting over and over, when I try to clear the volume it says “Can not read properties undefined”

These errors are happening rapid fire, I can not even clear the Volume

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Replied to you on discord, but try changing IPFS to remote.

I did, no luck.
Opened all ports even though UpnP is on
Tried to add the peer suggested on Local
Back on remote now
Getting this now

The node is on, connected and validating as it says there is no internet connection.
I am very confused and out of my depth on fixing this

Changing user to ipfs
ipfs version 0.17.0
Found IPFS fs-repo at /data/ipfs
Error: failed to parse multiaddr “”: empty multiaddr

Im so stuck, I noticed those who offered to help are online in about 9 hours around 4am my time. I will be getting on Discord then, feel free to tag me.
Any help will be greatly appreciated, getting super concerned

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