HTTPS Link Not Connecting


I connected my dappnode box to my eero router with an ethernet cable. My PC is connected with an ethernet cable as well to the same router. I downloaded prysm through the dappnode dashboard, synced it, and synced GETH. I was able to use http://geth.dappnode:8545/ to connect to the node through the dappnode wifi just fine. However, when I use the dappnode wifi, I get a connection speed of 25 mbps which is extremely slow as my main PC has 600 mbps. I went on the dappnode dash board and generated a HTTPS link and when I connect the node from the https link to my meta mask, it returns a connection error. However, all of my friends I provide the link to are able to connect to the node just fine and use it. Is there a reason why i’m not able to connect to the node with my HTTPS link and use it? I’ve spent hours trying to configure this and can’t figure it out.

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