Http failure response - beaco node status NOT SYNC

Hi, like must users I’m new user, don’t know little about dappnode but I’m computer savvy, I just stake eth 2.0 got my contract and my node up and running but beacon node status won;t sync chain, if any one can help me to get understand how to fix this will be fantastic.

thanks in advance!

Dell PowerEdge R630
Intel Xenon CPU E5-2609 @ 1.90 GHz

Prysm V 1.0.2 (V1.0.1 upstream)
Get V 0.1.12 (V1.9.24 upstream)
Nethermind V 0.0.21 (1.8.105 upstream)

Ports opened
Prysm 1200 UDP
Prysm 1300 TCP
Geth 30303
IPFS 1 4001
IPFS 2 4002
Nimbus 9000


http failure response for http://beacon-chain.prysm.dappnode:3500/eth/v1alpha1/becon/chainhead:500 internal Server Error

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I’m having the same issue with the Pyrmont testnet. Let me know if you figure it out.

That error means you are not synchronized with the chain, it says Syncing to chain head... at the top right board.

The chain could be the beacon chain (Goerli, in case you are using Pyrmont) or Eth1 (in case you are already using mainnet).

I have Geth installed

it’s been moving but 4 days already doing sync

makes me think something may not be working correctly

Those logs are just showing a normal behavior, no errors or issues are found there… anyway 4 days looks like like a lot for syncing Geth

What kind of hard disk are you using?? Traditional HDDs can’t keep up with the IO operations.

I installed DappNode as a VM assign it 6 threads 16 GB ram and 2 TB SSD

dell R5630

Hi, just want to update:

Geth finally sync and everything looks normal, took several days almost 5 days, don’t know why I just waited.

Not active yet, will be in 6 days but should I be worried, If Geth its now Sync will my node will keep up?

Thanks everyone for their assistance!

Well played awaiting. Although it took a little more than expected. In my case was less than 48 hours, but my NUC has NVMe instead of an SSD.

In the other hand I have switched to OpenEthereum just for fun and its already 3 days since then and still syncing…

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Hi @ruvenni, what kind of NUC do you have? I own a Dappnode Advance with Intel® Core™ i5-8259U 8th generation and I wonder how many days remain until Geth is fully synced. Thx in advance.

did your node finish update?

Yes, it took less than 24 hours. Thx.

Mine is a DAppNode Advanced. Same as yours :+1:

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My OpenEthereum node took 7 days to sync. We have reported it to the OpenEthereum team so they can have a look into it.

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