How will/do Dappnode devs update Prysm?

The current version of Prysm in Dappnode is 1.3.3 upstream, while on Github Prysm is at 1.3.6.
Will the Dappnode devs skip Prysm 1.3.4 and 1.3.5 and incorporate the later versions of Prysm, or will they proceed sequentially through each of Prysms updates. I do know that a lot of testing goes on behind the scenes prior to updating Prysm within Dappnode.

By the way, Dappnode has been working great for me. Rock solid for 3 weeks, great UI and easy to update. I love it! Much thanks to all the great Dappnode devs

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The devs answered by the Auto Update mechanism. The 1.3.4 and 1.3.5 versions were passed over, going straight to version 1.3.6

Hey @zuzu ! Thank you so much for your feedback

Not sure if we missed such version but yeah it may happen since we did not have time enough to test ourselves. Hopefully, it will never happen again

When a new Prysm version is release, the roadmap we follow is:

  1. DAppNode team test Prysm-Pyrmont and if everything goes well, release Prysm-Pyrmont for users
  2. If users did not report issues with Pyrmont, DAppNode team would test Prysm
  3. Finally, if no issues found, release Prysm

Right now has been release the latest Prysm version updated with Prysm upstream DAppNodePackage-prysm/docker-compose.yml at 57ea997b164d34b169a9e1f3decc8b69291b79ec · dappnode/DAppNodePackage-prysm · GitHub

I hope this may help you understand how we work, appreciate any feedback!