How To Set Up ETH Validator, Prevent Slashing & Enabling MEV Boost For Additional Possible Income

Hello Everyone, I am SECrypto ~ ZaineJJ, Discord ID Zaine#9888
I’ve made some guide relating to Ethereum Validator also first hand experience I’ve encountered, be it good and bad, I believe this guide will help everyone who is about to be a validator or existing validator, my experience & knowledge for you to learn. I may speak a little fast in my videos please use playback 0.75 if needed and I know my English isn’t perfect but I will keep improving.
There are necessary resources on the video descriptions which I will not flood on this thread.

For Future Validators
Setting Up Ethereum Validator Guide, With almost 0 Knowledge newbie friendly.

  • In this video I try my best to explain what is an Ethereum Validator for.
  • What type of services are available for you to run a Ethereum Validator.
  • Step by step guide on setting up using DAppNode with very little CLI / Linux terminal interaction.

This video is 32:34 minutes with chapters which I broke down.
00:00 Intro & Disclaimer
01:39 ETH Validator / Staking Introduction
02:59 Solo / SaaS / Pooled Difference?
06:07 Solo Staking Guide
09:19 Hardware I Am Using For This Guide
10:01 Which Program To Download For Staking?
13:33 CheckList Walk-Through
19:48 Generating Key Pairs? & BackUps?
24:03 Upload Deposit Data
27:47 Sent Eth!
28:16 Set Up On DAppNode

For Existing & Future Validators
Prevent Slashing and should you have a backup device?

  • This is where my validator existed on beacon chain from 5 Sept 2022 - 18 Sept 2022 RIP 422397
    , which I faced issues with sync issue and missing out epochs.
  • Device used for this were DAppNode & Avado.
  • How to properly migrate from Device A to Backup Device B
  • However it is a super bad experience I faced and nevertheless I must share my experience so the community / potential validators will learn and keep this knowledge with them!

To cut is short - Always remember if you are migrating from hardware to another, even with slash protection data file, PLEASE wait for at least 5 Epoch MISSES on your validator before importing your keystore and protection file towards the device you wish to migrate to, ONLY 1 device should be running the keystore.

This video is 15:30 minutes with chapters which I broke down.
00:00 Intro & Disclaimer
00:57 What Is Slashing On ETH Validator?
03:44 How I Got Slashed? How much was lost…?
07:24 Lesson for everyone
11:08 How Am I Going To Recoup?
12:35 How should I be feeling?

Lastly If you have already know the above this will be an additional bonus for you to dive deeper as a validator to generate more ETH with MEV Boost.
For Existing Validators
Enable MEV Boost & Generate More ETH

This video is 23:06 with chapters which I broke down. Actual guide starts on 11:42
00:00 Intro & Disclaimer
01:36 What Is MEV?
04:51 Block Proposal 10x Reward?
06:13 My MEV Block Proposal Result
11:42 How To Set Up MEV Boost On DAppNode?
14:50 Compliant, Ethical or Non-Compliant?
20:12 Will MEV Always Happen?

Special thanks to
DAppNode community for assisting with questions of mine to make this thread.

Discord Members Mentions
voss#3806 for assisting me on slashing matter, collected information and data to improve the existing packages for the future of dappnode UI, Lastly went the extra mile for customer support with a friendly gesture made my day when I got slashed.

lanski#3094 after hearing the incident went the extra mile and cheered me up with a friendly gesture that was totally unexpected.

Nabsku#1567 for assisting on MEV & ETH validator questions

unRealGamer28#1337 For the Text Guide of MEV Boost [Discord]

Oooly#6629 For a video guide explaining MEV Boost [Installing MEV boost on DAppNode for ETH staking - YouTube]

DAppNode community is awesome and the staffs went the extra mile!

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